Ecommerce Motion

Accelerate improvements in our self service ecommerce purchasing experience


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Date Created 2022-01-24
End Date 2022-07-29
Slack #wg-ecommerce-motion (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Ecommerce Motion Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)

Business Goals

Self-service and e-commerce are key levers to the success of our business (also now part of Top Cross-Functional Initiatives). They drive customer satisfaction and adoption, deliver GTM efficiency, assist in channel development and ultimately, expand our revenue and improve our position in the market.

As the demands of the business grow in complexity and the areas that self-service touches increase, it will be crucial for us to align on one, common self-service strategy.

The goal of this group is to ultimately define the most effective way to deliver on self-service and bridge the gap between where we are today and our long-term vision and objectives.

note: Zuora SSOT is a prerequisite of any system changes coming out of this working group. Following through on this work enables us to scale and iterate more efficiently, even if we were to recommend leveraging a COTS solution.


we’ve identified some prerequisites that must be complete before pursuing a recommendation from this working group. These items have prevented significant progress thus far and will only make matters worse if not addressed prior to additional investment (either build or buy)

Prerequisite Rationale
Zuora SSOT Zuora needs to be the SSOT for our Product Catalog, and what a customer has bought (subs, invoices, payments, etc)
Customer as a First Class Citizen As of 2022-02 we map a user to a subscription, but a Zuora account maps to a customer. We need to resolve this before scaling to a new or improved system
SSO As of 2022-02 a customer can have two logins, their account AND an account on, we need to merge these and maintain a single SSO system ( account)
Account Management Access Controls & Billing Roles The admin is not always the person at a customer’s organization who is responsible to manage the subscription. We need a solution that support billing roles, billing perms or perm sets (actual solution still TBD) that ensures the right person at a customer’s organization has access

Exit Criteria

  1. Identification and prioritization of all prerequisites on appropriate team roadmaps (WG will not cover delivery/execution)
  2. Recommendation on how to deliver long-term objectives, including assessment on build vs buy.
  3. Propose and Open additional roles to execute on ecommerce integration work


Path 1 (2022-02-02 > 2022-02-18) - 2 weeks

  1. Defined long-term / future-state of the self-service business needs across all teams and departments in a JTBD framework collaborators input doc
    1. Kazem Kutob
    2. Omar Fernandez
  2. Define current state of self-service capabilities doc
    1. Omar Fernandez
    2. Alex Martin

Path 2 (2022-02-18 > 2022-04-08) - 7 weeks

  1. Translate wishlist into feature families and capabilities consumable by vendors and cover any other technical components
    1. Bryan Wise and Mark Quitevis
    2. Kazem Kutob
    3. Jerome Ng
  2. Receive input from vendors (and CustomersDot) on capabilities
    1. Bryan Wise and Mark Quitevis
    2. Jerome Ng
  3. Build high-level estimate of integrations requirements and timeline
    1. Jerome Ng

Path 3 (2022-04-08 > 2022-04-19) - 2 weeks

  1. Recommendation on how to deliver long-term objectives, including assessment on build vs buy.
    1. Justin Farris

Out of Scope

  1. We will not be performing a deep RFP and vendor assessment and selection as part of this exercise
  2. Aligning on cross-functional values and operating principles to deliver on e-commerce is out of scope in this WG, but such work may follow in a different format in the next phase

Roles and Responsibilities


DRIs held accountable to deliver on the exit criteria. Required to attend syncronous discussions and collaborate with reviewers to collect input and feedback. Similar to Responsible and Accountable in a RACI framework.


Stakeholders with business requirements or domain expertise who will provide input to contributors. No need for regular or syncronus attendance, will engage async with contributors as appropriate. Similar to Consulted and Informed in a RACI framework.

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Ryan O’Nell VP Commercial
Facilitator Kazem Kutob Director, Online Sales & Self Service
Contributor Justin Farris Sr Director, Product Monetization
Contributor Alex Martin Sr Manager, Online Sales
Contributor Bryan Wise VP, IT
Contributor Jerome Z Ng Sr Engineering Manager, Fulfillment
Contributor Omar Fernandez Interim Director of Product, Fulfillment
Contributor Jerome Ng Sr Engineering Manager, Fulfillment
Contributor Mark Quitevis Sr Business Systems Analyst
Collaborator Tatyana Golubeva Principal PM, Purchase
Collaborator Emily Sybrant Product Designer, Purchase
Collaborator James Lopez Backend Engineering Manager, Fulfillment:License
Collaborator Tyler Amos Staff Backend Engineer, Fulfillment:License
Collaborator Hila Qu Director of Product, Growth
Collaborator Christopher Nelson Sr Director, Enterprise Applications
Collaborator Jessica Salcido Finance Systems Administrator
Collaborator Daniel Parker Senior Integrations Engineer, Business Technology
Collaborator Sarah McCauley Finance
Collaborator Michelle Hodges VP, Channel Sales
Collaborator Jack Brennan Sr Director, Sales Systems
Collaborator David Duncan VP Marketing
Collaborator Michael Preuss Director, Digital Experience
Collaborator Sindhu Tatimatla Director, Analytics & Insights
Collaborator Cheri Holmes Chief of Staff to CRO
Collaborator Jake Bielecki Sr Director, Sales Strategy and Ops
Collaborator Shaun McCann Director, Support Engineering
Collaborator Jesse Rabbits Sr. Manager, Deal Desk