FY23-Q2 OKRs

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This fiscal quarter will run from May 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022.

OKR Schedule

The by-the-book schedule for the OKR timeline would be

OKR schedule Week of Task
-5 2022-03-28 CEO shares top goals with E-group for feedback
-4 2022-04-04 CEO pushes top goals to Ally.io
-4 2022-04-04 E-group propose OKRs for their functions in Ally.io. These links are shared in #okrs Slack channel
-3 2022-04-11 E-group 50 minute draft review meeting on 2022-04-11
-2 2022-04-18 E-group discusses with their respective teams and polish their OKRs
-1 2022-04-25 CEO reports post links to final OKR in #okrs slack channel and @ mention the CEO and CoS to the CEO for approval. Once approved, function objectives or key results directly related to CEO objectives should be aligned with the related CEO objective or KR in Ally.io
0 2022-05-02 CoS to the CEO updates OKR page for current quarter to be active and includes CEO level OKRs with consideration to what is public and non-public


Ally.io is the source of truth for CEO OKRs: https://app.ally.io/teams/40502/objectives?tab=0&time_period_id=155985&viewId=210525. Since Ally.io is an internal only tool, public facing CEO OKRs are copied from Ally.io into the public handbook.

1. CEO: Increase ARR

  1. CEO KR: Meet Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and First Order SAO goals.
  2. CEO KR: Deliver final Matterhorn strategy and Zuora orders and ramps work in preparation for launch.
  3. CEO KR: 60%+ of Q2 Self-Managed activations use Cloud Licensing.
  4. CEO KR: Convert two features into Registration Features. Instrument them for measuring signup and conversion. Make a timeline for all features not on the pricing page.

2. CEO: Improve User Engagement

  1. CEO KR: 150 active contributors per month in the quarter.
  2. CEO KR: Implement user certification Beta with 300 beta users.
  3. CEO KR: Achieve internal support service-level agreement (SLA goals) for a list of marquee customers, have recordings of internal fireside chats with 2 GitLab customers viewed by 50% of team members, and have 50 team members outside of the Support Team work on support tickets.

3. CEO: Leadership Development

  1. CEO KR: Document Managing so Everyone Can Contribute (MECC) in the handbook. Use MECC handbook content to create a self-certified free course that can be used by non-team-members as well. Certify 1,000 team members.
  2. CEO KR: Do a cost/benefit analysis for offering the right to migrate to 3 more countries (Germany / UK / US ?)
  3. CEO KR: Launch Get Togethers with 80% of team members attending and achieve 80% team member approval for new engagement plan captured in the upcoming employee survey.
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