Contact Management Projects

Support Operations documentation page for contact managemrnt projects

What is a contact management project?

Contact management projects are projects on that allows a customer to manage their support contacts on Zendesk Global.

How does it work

When commits are made on the project in question, a webhook triggers with specific variables to trigger a pipline on that is using the code from the contacts project.

The code itself parses the YAML file for the project that triggered the pipeline to determine what organization contact changes are required on Zendesk Global.

It will then perform a sync with the needed changes.

Depending on the results, a badge will be added to the project. This is to help the project developers know the current status of the sync.

Success badge Failure badge

How do we set this up

These are setup via several stages that all work together to reflect a complete contact management project.

Intro stage

In this stage, a customer has requested to have a contact management project setup via a Support Ops ticket. Before we can begin the setup, we need to confirm with the requester which user(s) will be the ones able to edit the contacts.yaml file. To do this, use the macro Support::Support Ops::Contact management intro.

Once the requester has confirmed the user(s) who will be maintaining the contacts.yaml file, you need to ensure the users provided are associated to the organization currently. If they are not, you should associate them to the organization first.

After doing so, you will need to get a list of the organization’s current contacts for use in the setup stage.

After doing so, you are good to move to the next stage.

Jason Pro-tip

I would recommend exporting them as a CSV file via Advanced search. When doing so, make sure the only columns that display are the user’s name and email.

With the CSV file downloaded, you could then run the following code via terminal to change the CSV format into the YAML format you will need later:

awk -F',' '{if ($1!="Query"&&$1!=""&&$1!="\"name\"") {print "- name: "$1"\n  email: "$2}}' csv_file

This will work the majority of the time and make it a bit easier down the line.

Project creation

For organizations without an existing collaboration project, we create all contact management projects within the zd-global-orgs group.

  1. Navigate to that group and click the blue New project button at the upper right part of the page.
  2. Select Create from template
  3. Click the Group tab
  4. Click the blue Use template button to the right of Contact Management Project Template
  5. Set the Project name to Organization XXXX (replacing XXXX with the Zendesk Organizaton ID)
    • Ensure the Project slug is organization-xxxx (replacing xxxx with the Zendesk Organizaton ID)
  6. Click the blue Create project button

After creation the project, you need to double check all settings are accurate. In theory, the template project will handle that, but it always best to be sure.

The items to check are:

  • Settings
    • Settings > General
      • Visibility, project features, permissions
        • Project visibility: Private
        • Enable CVE ID requests in the issue sidebar: disabled
        • Forks: disabled
        • Git Large File Storage (LFS): disabled
        • CI/CD: disabled
        • Container registry: disabled
        • Analytics: disabled
        • Requirements: disabled
        • Secuirty & Compliance: disabled
        • Wiki: disabled
        • Snippets: disabled
        • Package registry: disabled
        • Pages: disabled
        • Monitor: disabled
        • Environments: disabled
        • Feature flags: disabled
        • Infrastructure: disabled
        • Releases: disabled
    • Settings > Repository
      • Branch defaults
        • Default branch: master
      • Protected branches
        • Branch: master
        • Allowed to merge: 2 roles (Maintainers+Developers)
        • Alowed to push: 2 roles (Maintainers+Developers)
        • Allowed to force push: disabled
        • Code owner approval: disabled
  • Project files
      • Verify the contents match what is detailed here
    • contacts.yaml
      • Verify the contents match what is detailed here

After everything looks good to go, make sure to copy the project’s ID. You’ll need it in the next step.

For organizations with an existing collaboration project

These are a bit trickier and can require a ton of back and forth. For the time being, please assign these to a Support Operations Manager to work.

Webhook setup

Next, you’ll need to setup the webhook for the project. To do this, navigate to Settings > Webhooks on the project.

You then need to create a new webhook using the following information:

    • Replace TOKEN with the Contact Sync Token found within the Support Ops Vault in 1Password.
    • Replace PROJECT_ID with the project’s ID.
  • Check the box next to Push events
  • Check the box next to Enable SSL verification

Once all that is in place, click the blue Add webhook button.

Organization update

Next, you will need to update the organization within Zendesk:

  • You want to set the Contact Management Project ID field to have the project ID.

  • You want to set the CMP Developers field to have the developers we are going to add to the project. This should be in a markdown list format. An example of this would be:


Files setup

Next, you will add the contact’s and add the organization ID to the contacts.yaml file of the project.

Every contact within that file uses the format:


Where NAME_OF_CONTACT is the contact’s name and EMAIL_OF_CONTACT is the contact’s email. Both are required, so if you do not know the NAME_OF_CONTACT, use the EMAIL_OF_CONTACT value.

An example of a working and valid contacts.yaml can be found here.

You should ensure the contacts listed matching what the Zendesk organization currently has in place.

Once that is all setup, commit the changes to the file (this will kick off a sync pipeline on

User invites

Next, you need to invite the user(s) who will maintain the contacts.yaml file. You should have a list of who to invite from your previous work in the ticket.

To invite the users, do the following:

  1. Click Project information on the top-left hand side of the page
  2. Click Members on the top-left hand side of the page (under Project information)
  3. Click the blue Invite members button at the top-right hand side of the page
  4. Enter the email(s) to use under the Username or email address text box
  5. Under Select a role, select Developer
  6. Click the blue Invite button on the bottom-right of the modal

Final stage

With all of that done, the final part is to update the ticket using the macro Support::Support Ops::Contact management project setup.

From there, the user might come back with questions or a need for assistance. Do your best to guide them and assist them however you can. If you get stuck, reach out in the support operations slack channel.


To remove the setup, simply delete the project in question. Doing so will effectively remove the contact management sync for the organization completely.

NOTE If the customer is over 30 contacts at the time of the removal request, ask the customer to use the contact management project to lower their contact numbers down to 30 first (as that is the limit for organization contacts when not using a contact management sync project).

Last modified August 16, 2023: Adding info about CMP Devs field (6b3eafb5)