FY21-Q2 OKRs

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This fiscal quarter will run from May 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020.



Epic 408

  1. CEO KR: Increase IACV per sales and marketing dollar spend. IACV efficiency > 0.8 for FY22 overall.
    1. CRO: Overcome Covid-19 economic impact to hit Q2 iACV, new logo, and pipe gen targets KRs in Epic 453
    2. CRO: Increase sales efficiency KRs in Epic 454
    3. CMO: Strengthen inbound marketing core KRs in Epic 896
    4. CMO: Make virtual events excellent KRs in Epic 401
    5. EVP, Product: Drive incremental IACV through growth, pricing, and fulfillment improvements KRs in Epic 484
  2. CEO KR: More efficient marketing through ‘website first’ content, reusablility and process improvements.
    1. CMO: Gitlab.tv MVC launched KRs in Epic 920
    2. CMO: Marketing Efficiency Improvements aka “The Boring Project” KRs in Epic 402
    3. CMO: Marketing Project Management Simplification KRs in Epic 403
  3. CEO KR: Drive IACV with growth initiatives. $xm generated.
    1. CLO: Develop and roll-out partner suite of Agreements and enablement materials related to the expanding partner program(s) KRs in Epic 460
  4. EVP, Engineering: Assist IACV and reduce Opex KRs in Epic 463
  5. CoS to the CEO: Entry assessment and action plan for high potential market KRs in Epic 518

Epic 410

  1. CEO KR: Using an extra stage triples conversion. Increase SpU by 0.5 stages.
    1. EVP, Product: EVPP KR1: Increase Stages per Active Namespace KRs in Epic 485
    2. EVP, Product: Improve the GitLab.com user experience KRs in Epic 506
  2. CEO KR: GitLab.com finishes the quarter on plan and forecasting being on plan for all of FY21.
  3. EVP, Engineering: Use more of the product and improve site performance KRs in Epic 464

3. CEO: Great team

Epic 411

  1. CEO KR: On average team-members have passed 3 Competency knowledge assessments.
    1. CMO: Training SDRs to be DevOps & Product Specialists KRs in Epic 404
    2. Sr. Director, People: Improve internal career mobility experience
    3. Sr. Director, People: Team members understand the value of their total rewards package.
    4. Sr. Director, People: Support an environment where all team members feel they belong, are valued, and can contribute; understand the key drivers for team member engagement and continuously improve.
  2. CEO KR: More diverse company. 90% of outbound sourcing directed toward candidates from underrepresented groups.
    1. CRO: Hire top talent on time to plan. KRs in Epic 452
    2. CLO: Hire & onboard required Legal team members to address GitLab’s foundational needs. KRs in Epic 459
    3. VP Of Talent Acquisition: Implement the Candidates Outbound vs. Candidates Inbound hiring approach with a focus on under represented groups and location factor at the top of funnel.
    4. VP Of Talent Acquisition: Deliver on the Q2 critical hiring plan, in partnership with leaders, while ensuring a unique and exceptional candidate experience for candidate pools that are diverse and representative of our communities.
  3. CEO KR: Metric driven. All KPIs in operational in Sisense, GitLab, or the handbook. Key Review presentations have auto-updating graphs through the automated KPI Slides or by leveraging Sisense in Google Slides.
    1. CLO: Assess, update and create materials (policies, etc.) to further GitLab’s progress toward public company readiness KRs in Epic 461
    2. CFO: Build the enterprise grade systems and processes to drive accounting close process to achieve a 10 day close by end of FY21 KRs in Epic 491
    3. CFO: Build public company ready financial reporting capability KRs in Epic 492
    4. CFO: Improve financial performance by completing prelim operating plan for FY22, validated by eGroup, that places us among the top quartile of identified comparable public companies KRs in Epic 493
    5. CFO: Metric driven. All KPIs in operational in Sisense, GitLab, or the handbook. KRs in Epic 635
  4. EVP, Engineering: Improve efficiency through product documentation KRs in Epic 465
  5. CEO KR: Have transparency be core to our workflow. Increase the Percent of Messages that are not DMs in Slack from 19% to 25% by end of FY22-Q2.
    1. CoS to the CEO: Internal Communications helps drive behavior changes and educates team members on Slack usage etiquette KRs in Epic 647

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