Modern Applications Go-To-Market

Define our modern applications got-to-market and create the necessary resources to support the motion.


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Date Created June 20, 2022
Target End Date Dec 30, 2022
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Problem To Solve

  • While GitLab provides the necessary capabilities to deliver modern applications effectively, the field lacks the artifacts and execution to deliver appropriate modern application messaging and guidance to our prospects and customers.
  • Typically, we cannot identify application initiatives associated with our prospect’s / customer’s interest in GitLab, which limits our reach into the account and our ability to tie our value to a c-level initiative.
  • GitLab ranks relatively low when searching for “microservices” and “modern applications,” which could signify a lack of thought leadership in a domain we have immense value to provide.

Business Goal

  • Establish GitLab as a thought leader and go-to partner for modern applications to generate more leads.
  • Enable the field to confidently and credibly position GitLab for modern application use cases leading to first-order wins.
  • Attach to strategic initiatives in prospect/customer accounts to drive larger deal sizes. Generate compelling customer stories by driving value for our customer’s digital transformation and modern application initiatives.

Exit Criteria

  • Message House Completed and confirmed by Product Marketing
  • Pitch Deck Created

Step 1:

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Nima Baidley Vice President, Alliances
Facilitator Jonathan Fullam Senior Director, Solutions Architecture
Functional Lead Kris Nelson (Ent sales) Area Sales Manager
Functional Lead Aathira Nair (Product Marketing) Product Marketing Manager
Functional Lead Lee Faus (Strategic Field Team) Field CTO
Member Reshmi Krishna Sr Manager, Solutions Architecture


This working group meets bi-weekly (every other week.)

Meetings are recorded and available in the Google document for the meetings.

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