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Property Value
Date Created 2022-01-19
Target End Date 2023-04-30
Slack #wg_demo-test-data (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda
Issues Issue List / Issue Board
Overview & Status See Board

Business Goal

The efficiency of both demo and test data is key to moving our business faster. We have fragmented locations where these data resides and are provisioned. There is also a knowledge gap between what is used in technical sales and what is used in test and validation.

We will benefit from tooling efficiency together and broaden visiblity of demo data in the field and test data in Engineering.

Exit Criteria (100% completed)

  1. Identify differences and gaps between demo and test data
  2. Provide ability to seed demo data on-demand
  3. Delivery of first iteration of working demo data usable by SAs in the field
  4. Define “beautiful test data” for SAs to use in the field
  5. Deliver MVP based on the defined set of “beautiful test data”
  6. Delivery of second iteration of working demo data more easily usable by SAs in the field
  7. Rename AwesomeCo to GitLab Data Seeder
  8. Publish GitLab Data Seeder Handbook Page

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Facilitator Grant Young Staff Software Engineer in Test
Stakeholder Tim Poffenbarger Senior Manager, Solutions Architects
Stakeholder Vincy Wilson Senior Manager, Quality Engineering
Executive Sponsor Mek Stittri VP of Quality
Technical Lead Dan Davison Staff Software Engineer in Test
Member Marshall Cottrell Principal, Strategy and Operations (Technical)
Member Tim Zallmann Senior Director of Engineering
Member Mark Wood Senior Product Manager
Member Sameer Kamani Staff Federal Solution Architect
Member Joe Randazzo Solutions Architect
Member Darwin Sanoy Staff Solutions Architect
Member Siddharth Mathur Solutions Architect
Member Julie Byrne Senior Solutions Architect


The GitLab Data Seeder was created as a result of this working group.

An internal Slack channel was created.

A video showing demo data was created.

Future iterations and known issues

At the time of closing this Working Group, the following tasks are still outstanding.

For a complete list, see the Data Seeder Issue Tracker.


For any questions, issues, or feedback, please reach out to #data-seeder, create an issue with the label ~"data seeder", or add a comment to the feedback issue.

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