Yearlies are the annual goals for the company. Yearlies should have measurable deliverables.


Yearlies are the annual goals for the company. Yearlies should have measurable deliverables.


Yearlies connect our 3 year strategy to our shorter-term quarterly objectives (OKRs). Achieving our Yearlies creates progress towards achieving our strategy, and as a result, moves us closer to achieving our vision.

Three Year Strategy

Yearlies are informed by the three-year strategy. We update them on an annual cadence.

Annual Plan and Yearlies

  1. Yearlies come before the Annual Plan.
  2. Yearlies contain our priorities for the fiscal year while the Annual Plan contains our budgets and our financials.
  3. We first determine our priorities for the upcoming year in the form of Yearlies, then we use these priorities to inform the budget in the Annual Plan process.

The Annual Plan process finishes two quarters after Yearlies are finalized. As a result, Yearlies may become outdated since being established. In line with our value of Iteration, Yearlies are reviewed each E-Group offsite and updated as needed. Annual Plan and Yearlies should be synced when Annual Plan is finalized.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

  1. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are our quarterly priorities that create progress for our yearly goals.
  2. As a result, OKRs are aligned to one of the yearlies.
  3. While OKRs are not directly aligned to one of the three pillars of the three year strategy, since OKRs are aligned to one of the Yearlies, and the Yearlies are aligned to our strategic pillars, OKRs are indirectly aligned to GitLab’s strategy.
  4. OKRs have a duration of one quarter while Yearlies are annual goals with a duration of a year.
  5. OKRs are composed of Objectives and Key Results. Yearlies have an annual goal and a few key supporting goals and initiatives. Top Cross-Functional Iniative exit outcomes will be listed among supporting goals.


  1. The three year strategy is on a 3 year cadence and is inspiration for the Yearlies, which are on a 1 year cadence. The three year strategy is reviewed as part of E-Group offsite calendar.
  2. Yearlies are established during E-Group offsite as a once-a-year topic in the offsite topic calendar.
  3. Yearlies are the company’s goals for the next 12 months unless the Yearly is achieved sooner than 12 months or E-Group decides that a Yearly should be updated.
  4. In line with our value of Iteration, Yearlies are reviewed during each E-Group offsite as a recurring discussion topic and updated or replaced if the Yearly needs to be changed sooner than 12 months after being established.

FY24 Yearlies

FY24 Yearlies and additional detail can be found by searching for the “FY24 Yearlies” Google Doc. This document is limited access. Initiatives in italic and followed by “XFN” are part of GitLab’s existing Top Cross-Functional Initiatives.

  1. Continue to win against GitHub with AI
    1. XFN Ship AI features. Make GitLab (the application) smarter by shipping 16 AI/ML-assisted features and workflows across developer, security, and operations personas per quarter
    2. XFN Continue to win against GitHub. This includes product positioning, R&D priorities, marketing messaging and field readiness. It also includes AI messaging to support GitLab’s “AI in all we do” focus
    3. Own AI thought leadership. Deliver 15 customer value stories with clear ROI outlined and promote customers through 2 monthly releases (blog or other medium) per month of leader at customer doing great work with GitLab
    4. Grow our base of Code Suggestion users
    5. Rollout monetization approach for AI
  2. Reduce churn and contraction by delivering predictable high value to customers
    1. Reduce churn and contraction to half of the ATR as compared to FY23-Q4
    2. XFN Run cross functional program to drive DevSecOps Adoption including shipping top product priorities in (Security, Plan, Value Stream Analytics)
    3. XFN >95% of customer ARR with usage reporting
    4. XFN Recognize and incentivize organizations who are among our most active contributors. Our goal is for 10% of GitLab customers to be Leading Organizations by FY25-Q4
    5. Professional services attach on X% of Top Y Ultimate accounts
  3. Make GitLab easier to do business with
    1. XFN Roll-out Matterhorn
    2. XFN Deliver against key Fulfillment Efficiency projects
    3. XFN Submit FedRAMP SAR package for moderate certification for a GitLab Dedicated federal SaaS offering. Increase FedRAMP sales pipeline by X%
    4. XFN Onboard at least 5 customers to Dedicated per quarter
    5. XFN Expand GitLab’s access to AWS/GCP LAM via cloud-first sales plays, new products & solutions, lower friction buying, reduced sales ops costs
    6. Customers can get an order form, place the order and have active licenses within 4 hours
    7. % of sales assisted orders with license key errors is below 0.5%
    8. Ship temporary licenses capability
  4. Continue to build a diverse team of top talent that we retain and grow
    1. Reduce regrettable turnover by 0.6%
    2. Aspirational goal: increase our URG population by 2% and female population by 3%, increase leadership
    3. Increase graduates from the Elevate program from 10% to 85% of our people managers
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