Purchasing Reliability Working Group

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Property Value
Date Created 2021-12-01
Target End Date 2022-07-29
Slack #wg_purchasing_reliability (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Purchasing Reliability Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Issue Label ~WorkingGroup::Purchasing

Business Goals

A purchase and ordering system that is well-documented and easily understood by all stakeholders. The system will be resiliant, reliable, and observable from the ground-up. In addition to addressing our current use-cases, the system will easily accomodate the addition of new purchasing workflows (like channel partners), metered billing, and project Horse. Finally, this should all be achieved without sacrifices to the buyer experience. Touchpoints with the product(s) should be even more seamless than they are today, especially if/as we begin surfacing up-sell opportunities directly in the product.


What is Purchasing?

At GitLab, “fulfillment” generally refers to the Fulfillment Sub-department of Engineering.

To avoid confusion, this Working Group uses “purchasing” as an all-encompasing term to describe the end-to-end purchasing experience including (but not necessarily limited to) ordering, billing, licensing, fulfillment, and all of our internal workflows (like lead generation for Sales, and reporting for Finance).

Be aware if you see the term “fulfillment” used casually in the context of this Working Group, it is likely referring to the entire “purchasing system”, not the Fulfillment Sub-department specifically.

Slack channels

Prior Art


Infrastructure team is committed to supporting Fulfillment in the migration of CustomersDot from the legacy Azure VM to GCP by the end of 2022-01. See the discussion in 2021-11-30 Engineering Allocation Review) for details.

This will help bring CustomersDot inline with the rest of our application stack in terms of how it is operated, but the application will still need to be instrumented and alerting configured in order to address our current lack of observability and insight into this app.

Engineering (Fulfillment)

Enterprise Apps


Exit Criteria

The charter of this working group is to obtain alignment between stackholders (i.e. Engineering (Development), Enterprise Apps, Sales, and Finance). This includes addressing some immediate-term technical debt as well as defining a clear vision and team/service boundaries going forward.

  1. Infrastructure roadmap for each system defined
  2. Data models for each system including sources of truth defined
  3. System integrations of Order to Cash systems defined
  4. Change management mechanisms across teams defined
  5. FY23 team structure and staffing plans for each team defined, with a view into committed roadmap items ~2 quarters out for cross-team coordination.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Justin Farris Sr Director, Product Monetization
Facilitator Omar Fernandez Acting Director of Product, Fulfillment
Facilitator Jerome Z Ng Senior Engineering Manager, Fulfillment
Member Steve Loyd VP Infrastructure
Member Bryan Wise VP of IT
Member Robert Rea Senior Director, IT Ops
Member Chase Southard Engineering Manager, Fulfillment:Utilization
Member James Lopez Engineering Manager, Fulfillment:License
Member Ragnar Hardarson Engineering Manager, Fulfillment:Purchase
Member Etienne Baqué Senior Backend Engineer, Fulfillment:Utilization
Member Tyler Amos Staff Backend Engineer, Fulfillment:License
Member Qingyu Zhao Senior Backend Engineer, Fulfillment:Purchase
Member Tatyana Golubeva Principal Product Manager, Fulfillment:Purchase
Member Daniel Parker Senior Integrations Engineer, Business Technology
Member Mark Quitevis Senior Business Systems Analyst, Business Technology
Member Courtney Meddaugh Senior Business Systems Analyst, Business Technology
Member Jack Brennan Senior Director, Sales Systems
Member Vincy Wilson Manager, Quality
Member Chloe Liu Senior Software Engineer in Test, Quality
Member Christopher Nelson Sr Director, Enterprise Applications