Processing Signed Data Processing Addendums (DPAs)

Support Engineering workflow detailing what to do with signed Data Processing Addendums


Data Processing Addendums are available to paid subscribers of through their Sales representatives. This workflow details what to do with fully executed (signed) DPAs received from customers.


Note: This workflow only applies if the user has a paid subscription for

  1. Locate the customer’s Salesforce account. The correct string begins with 001 and can be found: under the Zendesk organization[1], linked in the automatic note posted to a Zendesk ticket[2], or in the Edit interface of the CustomersDot[3] (screenshots provided below). The URL for the Salesforce account record will look like:

  2. Under the section “Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments”, click “Attach File” and upload the file to the record.

  3. Should you be unable to attach the file yourself, please forward it to []( DPA) with a link to the Salesforce account.


  1. Salesforce ID in Zendesk organization
  2. Salesforce ID in Zendesk ticket note
  3. Salesforce ID in CustomersDot

Example Tickets