Requests for documents or signatures from GitLab

How to get GitLab documents or signature for customers.


From time to time, a customer may submit a ticket requesting that someone from GitLab sign some kind of document. Examples include:

  • Assignment of agreements, contracts and related documents to a different entity
  • Government forms

If the documents are related to a subscription, license or sales opportunity, Sales team members are responsible for communication with the customer. Follow the working with sales workflow to get the customer’s Account Owner involved.

Additional information on this topic can be found in the following handbook pages:

Other types of documents may be covered by the general Support workflows.

Tax Documents

Some customers require a Certificate of Residence for tax purposes. Generally, the Sales Team can provide the document. If the customer submits a support ticket, we can go to the #tax Slack channel to request one. When it is received, attach it to the customer ticket.

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