Define and align our product design teams on elements regarding dashboard features.


Property Value
Date Created 2022-11-01
Close Date 2023-02-28
Slack #wg_dashboards
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  1. Align on priorities and unblock feature teams to build with dashboard, homepage, landing page and user page concepts
  2. Create a solid nomenclature and usage guide for dashboards
  3. Define what a dashboard is and isn’t
  4. Determine the correct naming and use for observability and new graphs inside of dashboards


Due dates by phase:

  1. Investigation - 2023-01-10
  2. Map all the pieces - 2023-01-13
  3. Definition of the objects - 2023-02-28
    1. ✅ Draft by: 2023-01-31
    2. ✅ Feedback by: 2023-02-10
    3. ✅ Done/Done: 2023-02-28 (FFD on the 27th)

Exit Criteria

This Working Group has the following exit criteria:

  1. Define the component names and usage in MRs in our Pajamas documentation with an MR
    1. If needed, conduct UXR to determine the naming needs for these components
    2. If needed, perform visual style exploration to determine the definition of the component
    3. Discuss and align on each name
  2. Exit with: An MR that contains a list of dashboard component names in Pajamas documentation

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor David DeSanto VP, Product
Facilitator / DRI Christen Dybenko Sr Product Manager, Foundations
Facilitator Justin Mandell Product Design Manager
Member William Leidheiser Sr UX Researcher
Member Ali Ndlovu Product Designer
Member Nick Brandt Product Designer
Member Becka Lippert Sr Product Designer
Member Matej Latin Sr Product Designer
Member Jeremy Elder Staff Product Designer
Member Dennis Tang Engineering Manager, Product Analytics
Member Robert Hunt Sr Frontend Engineer, Product Analytics
Member Jiaan Louw Sr Frontend Engineer, Product Analytics
Member Amelia Bauerly Sr Product Designer, Monitor:Respond