Biggest Tailwinds

We believe that the market opportunity for a complete DevSecOps platform designed as a single application for the software development lifecycle is several billion dollars and expanding. There are three primary trends outlined below that we have identified as the most significant to supporting the long term success of our business. We also have a Mitigating Concerns page.

1. Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Customer Experience

Software is Eating the World

2. DevOps


Developers as the New Kingmakers

DevOps Tooling Consolidation

Lack of Developers

Open Source

3. Multicloud


Cloud Native and the Adoption of Kubernetes



Progressive Delivery

Workloads Moving to the Cloud

4. All-Remote


GitLab’s all-remote workforce is significantly more advanced and sophisticated than other forms of organizational design. Our dedication to working handbook-first, operating transparently, and usage of GitLab to drive results creates tailwinds for the organization.

GitLab’s adherence to all-remote makes the company an attractive destination for people who are on the B-team in hybrid-remote firms, or feel limited by the inflexibility of a fully colocated role.

GitLab Guide to All-Remote

Work where you want, when you want

All-Remote Upgrade

Our Work-From-Anywhere Future