AnswerBase Quality Guide


The purpose of this guide is to establish quality expectations for AnswerBase.

Quality Expectations


Answers in AnswerBase should have the following characteristics:

  • More than just a yes or no answer
    • Answers should contain a supporting narrative.
      • The supporting narrative should accurately explain why we are answering yes or no to a question.
      • The supporting narrative should refer back to a control, product feature, policy/procedure, etc. that justifies our yes or no answer.
        • We are not obligated to provide the supporting narratives to customers in questionnaires.
        • The supporting narratives will enhance all team members’ understanding of the topics covered by the answers.
        • The supporting narratives will help establish AnswerBase as a true knowledgebase for all team members.
    • Answers will be reviewed for accuracy on at least an annual basis.


  • Answers should have tags assigned to them.
    • Tags will support quicker and smoother searching for team members.
    • Tags will be reviewed for accuracy on at least an annual basis.


  • Libraries should have appropriate names and descriptions assigned to them.
    • The names should describe the nature of the answers contained within each library.
    • The descriptions should further describe the nature of the answers contained within each library so every team member accurately understands what they are viewing when they enter a library.
    • Libraries that are not populated with content should have (COMING SOON) appended to the library name.
    • Library owners should represent the SME responsible for maintaining the library.
    • The justification for a library’s existence should be evaluated on an annual basis.
    • Libraries should be decomissioned when their existence is no longer justified.
      • Libraries should have a decomissioned date, which should be communicated through the library description. Example: ***This library is set for decommissioning on YYYY/MM/DD*** Description of Library
      • The decomissioned date should be 30 days after a library is determined to be unjustified.
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