Dedicated Cross-Functional Working Group

The charter of this working group is to scale the GitLab Dedicated offering.


Property Value
Date Created 2022-06-29
End Date Launch date of General Availability
Slack #f_gitlab_dedicated for GitLab Dedicated questions (only accessible from within the company)
Slack #wg_dedicated_cross_functional for working group items (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Epic Cross-Functional Epic (only accessible from within the company)

Additional Resources



See Limited Availability Roadmap including milestones for cross-functional work.

Exit Criteria

The exit criteria for GitLab Dedicated Top Cross-Functional Initiative are the same as the exit criteria from Limited Availaility

Project Management

How We Work

The GitLab Dedicated Initiative Working Group follows the same processes as the GitLab Dedicated Engineering team from the Dedicated Engineering team page. This includes:

Epic Management

See epic management and hierarchy on Dedicated Team Page.

The Cross-Functional LA Requirements epic is a child epic of the GitLab Dedicated Top Level epic. This cross-functional epic is comprised of function-specific child epics managed by the DRI for that functional area. These functional child epics have sub-epics and/or issues representing groups of related tasks that are delivered in a specific phase from Limited Availability Roadmap.

graph TD
B{{Limited Availability Cross-Functional Requirements}} --> A(Comms & PMM)
B --> C(Data)
B --> D(Enablement)
B --> E(FP&A)
B --> F(Partnerships)
B --> G(Post-Sales CS/PS)
B --> H(Pricing)
B --> I(Product)

A --> J(Limited Availability Announcement)
J --> K(Customer Case Study)

E --> L(FY24 Planning)
L --> M(Cost and Margin Estimates)

Milestones for functional work from the Cross-Functional LA Requirements epic are included in Limited Availability Roadmap.

Status Updates

The GitLab Dedicated Initiative Working Group follows the status update process from Dedicated Engineering team page. The status updates that Functional DRIs make in their respective Functional Epics will incorporated in the status update cadence and used to update the status of the Cross-Functional epic and the Top-Level Initiative Epic.

In addition to the status process from Dedicated team page, the Dedicated initiative has additional status update requirements as a Top Cross-Functional initiative that the Initiative DRI is responsible for:

  • Key Reviews
  • Top Initiative Quarterly Meeting

Key Review

  • Initiative DRI provides updates in Product Key Review as the Chief Product Officer is the executive sponsor of this initiative.
  • The Product Key Review occurs twice per quarter.

Top Initiative Quarterly Meeting

  • Top Initiative Quarterly Meeting occurs once per quarter to review initiative health, risks, and blockers.
  • Initiative DRI provides current status for Dedicated during this meeting along with plan for the initiative.
  • The Initiative DRI will provide a summary from the most recent update from the Top-Level Initiative Epic.
  • The Initiative DRI will share a draft of the Quarterly Update with the Dedicated leadership team and Dedicated Executive Sponsor at least 3 business days before the scheduled presentation date order to gather feedback in order to add responses to the Top Initiatives agenda at least 1.5 days before Top Initiatives meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities

Initiative DRIs

  1. Exec Sponsor: David DeSanto - Chief Product Officer
  2. Initiative DRI: Ryan Wedmore - Director, Strategy & Operations
  3. Engineering DRI: Marin Jankovski - Director of Infrastructure, Platforms
    • Overall DRI for Engineering, Infrastructure, and Engineering Strategy
  4. Product DRI: Fabian Zimmer - Director of Product Management, SaaS Platforms
    • Overall DRI for SaaS Platform Product, Product Strategy, and Product Changes

Functional Areas and DRIs

Below are the functional areas involved in this Cross-Functional Initiative as well as the Functional DRI representing that functional area.

Working Group Functions (alphabetical) Team Member Title
Functional Lead: Channel Partners Honora Duncan Senior Channel Services Manager
Functional Lead: Comms & PMM Saumya Upadhyaya Principal Product Marketing Manager
Functional Lead: Enablement Kelley Shirazi Manager, Sales Enablement
Functional Lead: Engineering Marin Jankovski Director, Infrastructure Platforms
Functional Lead: FP&A Shuang Shackleford Director, FP&A
Functional Lead: Post-Sales (CS/PS) Brian Will Senior Manager, Professional Services
Functional Lead: Pricing & Fulfillment Justin Farris Senior Director, Product Monetization
Functional Lead: Product Andrew Thomas Principal Product Manager
Functional Lead: Sales Aileen Lu Director, Sales Strategy
Member Josh Lambert Director of Product, Enablement
Member Jake Bielecki VP, Sales Strategy & Analytics

Functional DRIs are also mentioned at the top of the description of their function’s child epics in the Cross-Functional LA Requirements epic per epic structure.

Function DRI Responsibilities

Please see Functional Lead on Working Group page.

Functional DRIs are responsible for maintaining their function’s epics by following process mentioned in Epic Owner Responsibilities and Epic Structure.

Dedicated Team DRIs

Below are the specific areas of responsibility within the Dedicated team:

Area Tasks DRI
E-Group reporting Write status updates, Key review updates @rwedmore
Program management Cross-functional workstream coordination, create launch list, ad hoc coordination requests @rwedmore
Customer Success (CS) Define onboarding PS package, outline CS engagement post-sales @rwedmore
Environment Automation Roadmap Updating direction page, prioritization changes etc. @awthomas consulting and collaborating with @o-lluch
Switchboard Roadmap Updating direction page, prioritization changes etc. @fzimmer consulting and collaborating with @marin
PRE deal Customer interactions Meeting with customer prospects, customer qualification, steps 1-6 in onboarding process Supporting customers until CS packages are defined @awthomas
POST deal onboarding management steps 7-9 in in onboarding process; until CS package defined @rwedmore or @fzimmer
Automate manual onboarding tasks Includes driving documentation changes. @awthomas
Drive cross-product feature requests needed for Dedicated examples include Maintenance mode prometheus metric, silent mode @awthomas
Go to market definition PMM and PM to define the remaining GTM items, rest in cross-functional workstream coordination, @awthomas
Coordinate with Finance Fy24 Rev Projection, Cost Optimizations; P&L and min seat count later @fzimmer consulting with @marin

This table will be reviewed at the end of each month.

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