Select Partners

Support specific information for select partners

Select partners are by invitation only and are reserved for partners that make a greater investment in GitLab expertise, develop services practices around GitLab and are expected to drive greater GitLab product recurring revenues.

Contacting Support

Select Partners and their end customers can contact us by submitting a ticket through the Submit a Request form. To ensure efficient ticket handling and prevent any delays in receiving the first response, they have two options:

  • Select Partners:

    • If the Select Partner is opening a ticket on behalf of a customer or themselves then they can use the Submit a Request page and select the appropriate form for their problem.
  • End Customers of Partners:

    • If the end customers would prefer to open a ticket directly with GitLab Support then they can also use the Submit a Request page and select the appropriate form for their problem.

The only requirement for submitting a new ticket is that you must first register on the GitLab Support Portal.

Note to Support: Never associate a customer to a Select Partner’s organization, or vice-versa!

File uploads

When Select Partners needs to send support files, we have 2 current methods available to accomodate this:

Examples of Support Ticket Submission and Handling for Select Partners

Support provided to Select Partners and their customers will vary depending on the circumstances under which a ticket is raised. Some examples are:

  1. A Select Partner creates a ticket to address a GitLab concern brought to them by their customer. The Select Partner will manage the ticket and serve as the go-between for the customer and GitLab Support. We will deliver Priority Support regardless of the customer’s subscription.

  2. A Select Partner is doing commercial work for a customer and raises a ticket. They should do so under their own account using a subscription they have purchased for themselves. We will deliver support based on the subscription the partner has purchased.

  3. A Select Partner is doing internal training, testing or knowledge building. They should raise a ticket under their account using their NFR licences.

These examples are not exhaustive. If in doubt, ask questions about the situation under which the ticket is being raised.

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