SaaS Tier for Support Quick Reference

Quick reference for Support to determine tier requirement for SaaS Account and other common requests

SaaS tier requirement for SaaS Account and common requests

Unpaid users get limited support as outlined in the statement of support. Most of the requests are related to user accounts through the “SaaS Account” ticket form.

The following table is meant to be a helpful quick reference. However, the source of truth in order:

Request type Available to Unpaid users Notes
2FA No See gitlab&3783
Account Blocked Yes
Data Restoration No See gitlab#357175
Email release Yes See gitlab#352514
Email swap Yes This is an interim solution until gitlab#416451 get solved.

Free users are eligible to request this. But reasoning must be carefully considered, and manager approval is needed.
Email typo No See gitlab#325525 & gitlab#350498
Emails not received Yes
Log request Only if GitLab initiated
Namesquat release No
Trial Cancellation No See customers#3470
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